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  • 15 January Music meets tech award, Eurosonic Noorderslag Festival Groningen (jury member)
  • 2 February Cross Media Cafe Video formats, iMMovator Hilversum. (curator/moderator)
  • 3-4 March, 2016 Conference on Global Media Convergence, 3/4 March 2016, Amsterdam;  coordinator workshop part of high level media conference hosted by the Netherlands Presidency of the European Union 2016, on the request of the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science.
  • 16-17 March, Roosdagen, Ermelo (moderator)
  • 13 April,  NRCLive Moonshot (co-curator)
  • 14 April, Cross Media Cafe Media Experiences, iMMovator Hilversum (curator/moderator)
  • 18-22 April, Media Future Week, Dutch student event, Hilversum (curator keynote speakers/moderator)
  • 25-29 May, Campus Party, International student event, Utrecht (advisor /curator international speaker program)
  • 13 June, co-host/moderator of the Single Market Forum for EU businesses and consumers. With a.o. the European Commissioner Bieńkowska for the Internal Market, Henk Kamp, the Minister of Economic Affairs (EZ) and Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte
  • 23 June, Mediapark Jaarcongres, Hilversum (curator). 23 June 2016, Hilversum. An annual event for the Dutch media industry focused on changes in the broadcasting and media industry. The MPJC combines a keynote track with expert sessions and roundtables. Initiator and curator of the event.
  • 1 September, Cross Media Cafe Coming Soon, Hilversum (curator/moderator)
  • 10 September, Multiscreen Salon, Amsterdam (curator/moderator)
  • 12 September, IBC, Amsterdam (organiser of Amsterdam supported sessions)
  • 22-23 September, Next, Hamburg (international program director/moderator)
  • 06 October, Emerce Eday, Amsterdam (curator international speakers/moderator media track)
  • 1 November, Cross Media Cafe Youtubers, Hilversum (curator/moderator)
  • 3-4 November, Wired Event, London (adviser)
  • 18 November, TEDxAmsterdam (curator/organiser)
  • 1-2 December, Thingscon Amsterdam, Amsterdam (co-organiser/moderator/ curator)
  • 13 December, Cross Media Cafe Radio, Hilversum (curator/moderator)










  • 2005-2008 Newsletters, interviews, for PICNIC/Cross Media Week.
  • 2005-2006 Contributions to weblog  ‘De Nieuwe Reporter’
  • 2004-2005 Contributions to  E-Media Tidbits, Poynter Institute (VS)
  • 2003-2005 Contributions to Dutch trade magazine Emerce, VNU Business Publications (NL)

Published by Van Dusseldorp & Partners BV (1998-2003)

  • Guide to European Content Payment Solutions: Mobile and Online Billing Systems, Case Studies and Company Profiles 2003
  • SMS TV: Interactive TV Reinvented 2002
  • Digital / Interactive TV Models and Outlook for Emerging Europe 2002
  • European Interactive Television Report 2002
  • Digital Content Delivery Report – “New Media, New Challenges” 2001
  • Beyond the Banner – European Case Studies On Multi-Platform Marketing Campaigns 2002
  • European Content Syndication Report – “The Changing Face of Europe’s Syndication Landscape” 2001
  • Broadband Landscape Europe – Market Assessment and Forecast to 2003 (2000)
  • European Broadband Content Directory 2000
  • Online Sports Report – “Harnessing the Potential of a Visible Community” 2001
  • The European Network Revolution, Policy Challenges in the Internet age 1999

Published by the European Journalism Centre

  • Monique van Dusseldorp/Jan Bierhoff /Roisin Scullion, The Future of the Printed Press, European Journalism Centre, 1998

Published by the European Institute for the Media (1992-1997)

  • Contamine,Claude / Dusseldorp, Monique van (eds.): Responsibility in the New Media Landscape – European Institute for the Media, 1996.
  • Contamine,Claude / Dusseldorp, Monique van (eds.): Building the European Audiovisual Market: Creative Potential, Economic Trends, Societal Needs. European Institute for the Media 1995.
  • Contamine,Claude / Dusseldorp, Monique van (eds.): Towards the Digital Revolution: European TV and Film between Market and Revolution, European Institute for the Media 1994 Proceedings of the 6th European TV and Film Forum, Liège 1994.
  • Contamine,Claude / Dusseldorp, Monique van (eds.): The Future of Television: Generalist or Thematic Channels, European Institute for the Media 1993.
  • Contamine,Claude / Dusseldorp, Monique van (eds.): Growth or Decline: The European Television and Film Industries in Crisis, the European Institute for the Media 1992.

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